Featured Author Archive Sally Kilpatrick

Featured Author Archive Sally Kilpatrick

(Note: Sally Kilpatrick was featured November/December  2017)

Featured Author Sally Kilpatrick

Featured Author Sally Kilpatrick. I am featuring author Sally Kilpatrick this period.  I was told about Ms. Kilpatrick by the owner of  Book Exchange in Marietta, Ga., Jennifer Gillman.  When I first met Jennifer I told her I was once a Mortician. She light up and told me about an author Sally Kilpatrick who writes about the funeral industry in her book, Better Get To Livin’.

Of course I purchased the novel and read it with the excitement of finding a new local author, while my chest filled with pride for Sally.  No, not really.

Image of Sally Kilpatrick Featured Author
Sally Kilpatrick Featured Author

When I heard this novel included my Alma Matter – John A. Gupton Mortuary College, I snatched the tome from the Book Exchange shelf and began reading it on my way home.

“Dare her to write one incorrect word about my school,” I seethed. Consequently, much to the satisfaction of my scrutinizing eyeballs, Sally nailed it.  She represented the college accurately and simply as a college one would go to pursue a degree in mortuary science.  I would soon realize nailing it was the only way Sally Kilpatrick wrote. There was never a single moment for my concern.

As the ink was still drying on my first published novel, and Sally on her fourth and fifth,  I felt the need to enlighten this young lady author in writing about matters funerary.

I tried, oh I tried to stop myself, but I couldn’t.  It gets better, read on.

With her future novels, if she decided to darken the halls of the funeral business again, then when finding herself hopelessly lost, not to be embarrassed to call on my impressive proficiency on the subject.  I would be more than delighted to impress her with my overwhelming brilliance, I mean, offer her any assistance she may need from my humble self.

Image of Sally Kilpatrick with author at Book Exchange Signing
Sally Kilpatrick with Author at Book Exchange Signing

Well, while still conducting my damage control from my monumental inflated  ego misplacement, and absorbing her writing brilliance, it occurred to me the next time I decided to darken the halls of the funeral business in a novel, it would behoove me to call on Ms. Kilpatrick when confirming my mortuary facts.  She didn’t miss a thing.

Furthermore, after reading her books, I find myself studying her subtle but powerful character development, and other tools that she cleverly employs without disrupting the pace of the reader.

I finally got to meet Sally recently at the Book Exchange.  November 20th, she held a reading and signing for her latest novel, Bless Her Heart. Sally read a portion of this novel to a crowded room, and patiently answered our questions.  She has a great sense of humor, with a keen awareness of life around her. She is indeed an author that will be on the shelves, and on electronic devices far beyond when she decides to stop writing.

I’ve now read three of her current released novels. Each one stands alone, with a common thread,  and each a delight to read. Sally, I learned, is not only an excellent writer, she is also married and they have two children.

If you are wondering how Sally treated me after my embarrassing debut with her she didn’t mention it at all.  She was nothing but professional.  In fact, later that evening of the singing, as she and I were talking funeral stories, I brought it up. I had to offer some semblance of acknowledgement that I knew I acted as a pompous idiot. We both laughed at my debacle.

Image of the Novel Bless Her Heart Sally Kilpatrick
Novel Bless Her Heart Sally Kilpatrick

If you ever get a chance to meet Sally at one of her public events, please make every effort to attend.  You will not be sorry you went, and you will see for yourself why she is my Featured Author.  Click here to see her event schedule.

Please go to her website. Read about her, purchase all of her books, join her email list, and support her in anyway you can.  She is the real deal, and refreshing to read. Also, while purchasing her books, don’t forget to “Rate” her books.  This is an author’s lifeblood in the industry. This is very important.

Finally, I’ll close with sharing a conversation I had with a friend telling her about meeting Sally at the Book Exchange. I described Sally’s personality to this friend by saying, “She is a good person, just enough sass, just enough polish, and just enough fan distance.”


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