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B. Frank Hall was raised in the south where he started writing at an early age. Playing little league football and would write commentaries after each game.  He was always  pretending he was the sports reporter, having to interview – you guessed it, B. Frank Hall. Nonetheless, this was his first stab at writing.

He grew up in the suburbs just south of Atlanta, Georgia.  As a child he dreamed of being a professional football player. Realizing he didn’t have the size or the speed, he changed direction to the surprise of even his mother.  He went to college in Nashville, Tennessee receiving an associates degree in mortuary science, and  a bachelors degree in business communication.

After graduating he went to work in the funeral business for six years. Later, he left the funeral business and went into business management, eventually ending up as a senior manager for a world-wide beverage company.

During his employment with the beverage company, he held residence in over six different countries including South Africa, Trinidad and England. Finally, he now resides in the northern suburbs of Atlanta, Georgia. Here he writes novels and runs a small branding business.

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