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On the Way to the 2018 Savannah Book Festival

What Happened on my way to the 2018 Savannah Book Festival

Image of 2018 SBF Macon Cherry Blossom Festival On my way to the 2018 Savannah Book Festival. It was Thursday, February 15th, I was driving down from Atlanta, Georgia to go volunteer at the festival when I received an invitation to meet my cousin.  My cousin, Kaye Hlavaty, lives in Macon, Georgia.  We decided since I was driving right through her home town it’d be awful not to stop and have lunch.  I decided I could meet and be back on the road in an hour and a half. No big deal.

I met her at the car dealership where she took her car for a routine checkup.  We went to a Mexican restaurant around the corner and began to catch up on family stuff.  She asked how my book was coming along when she said, “Dang, I should have taken you to the emporium, Travis Jean.”

Image of 2018 SBF Macon Travis Jean Store FrontShe informed me the owner, Scott Mitchell, was about to start a Friday night social at the store, and was known to have author’s attend to sign their books during the social gathering.  This is when she said, “Heck, let’s go meet him. I’ll introduce you to him and tell him you’re an author.  Maybe he’ll want you to attend one of the events.”

Off we went.  It was a wonderful store smack in the middle of downtown Macon on Cherry Street. You must go see this place.  It is well worth the visit. Bring your wallet, and purse.  You’ll want to buy something. I met Scott and we had a good visit. It was hard to leave there and not purchase a painting I saw of piano keys.  I was once again reminded my cousin, Kaye Hlavaty, knows everyone in Macon, and they, her. She’s a wonderful, delightful lady, though I would hate to be her enemy. I left Macon for Savannah several hours later.

Image of 2018 SBF St Simond Goulds Inlet East Beach Friday morning, I woke and needed to make a much overdue research trip to St. Simons Island. It is only about an hour south of Savannah. I have a high school friend who invited me down anytime, so I jumped in my car and off I went.

It was my first time on the island. I loved it. A bit expensive, but looking is free-ish. I spent the day there walking around and just experiencing the island life.

Image of 2018 SBF St Simons GJ Ford BookshopBefore I left I paid a visit to GJ Ford Bookshop.  My high school friend told me to inquire with the owner if I could do a book signing there. Hence, I met one of the managers and gave her my details.  Even though the signing didn’t work out I did get to see one of the best independent bookstores I’ve ever visited.  It is one of those bookstores where you can feel the spirit of the authors there mingling among the books with you.

Finally, it was Saturday. The day of the 2018 Savannah Book Festival, and my day to volunteer. I went to the Baptist Church in Chippawe Square and did my volunteering duty. I met some wonderful people there and found a new author I like, Michael Tolkin. Before I left the district I stumbled upon the most exciting toilets I’ve seen in a while. Weird, I know.

I have included a few of my pictures from what happened on the way to the Savannah Book Festival. I hope you enjoy them.