Firstly, the author would love to hear any feedback you may have about his book.  Secondly, he listens to your feedback for future ideas.  Therefore, if you would like to contact B. Frank Hall for any reason, please feel free to use any one of the methods below. Also, if you are a book club that would like to have the author give a presentation, contact the author.  Also, if you would like a presentation on his writing process, again, message the author.

Author Headshot at Signing, Contact
Author Headshot at Signing

Information for Speaking Engagements and Signings:

Firstly, the author does a lot of signings. Most of all, presentations for book groups, or schools, and readings.  Therefore, if you are interested in him attending your function, contact him.

Please contact:
Stephanie Sheridan
Director of Publicity

Want to send the author a message? Send B. Frank Hall a message:

Also, B. Frank Hall loves to hear your comments about what you have read.  Therefore, send him a message on your opinions.

Finally, do you need an idea for a gift?  In addition, another copy of Black Diamond? Hence, you should purchase your copy of Black Diamond.







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