Photo Gallery

Photo Gallery

These are photo gallery’s of the author’s events.  Hence, these include miscellaneous events, promotional’s, signings, readings, and presentations.

Click on the  year or a specific event you want to review.

2018 Album

January 2018 – 2018 Trio Tour at BEX 

February 2018 – On the way to 2018 Savannah Book Festival

2017 Album

December Book Exchange Signing

Decatur Book Festival

E. Shaver Book Signing

Allatoona Book Festival

Marketing Campaigns

A Novel Idea Book Club


Firstly, we love to see pictures you have from one of our events. Therefore, feel free to send us pictures of you and the author. Consequently, we’ll consider adding to our gallery.

When we go to an event we meet people that are wonderful.  Hence, we love to take pictures of the people we meet. Then, we post it here for you to enjoy. Note, most of the pictures here are from signings, or promotional pictures. We use a lot of these on our social media sites. Consequently, if some of them look familiar this is the reason.


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